Honey Capital invests in promising early-stage companies with passionate and tenacious founders. From software to agritech,  we've partnered with companies across a variety of industries to build a better tomorrow.


Seed Round

Black soldier fly farming to address the coming "protein crunch" while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Series A

The coworking movement is happening.  Coworker.com is the world's largest and most trusted database of spaces.


Seed Round

Redefining dinner entertainment, I AM is a global pioneer for immersive dining performances and creative concepts.


Seed Round

Redefining the waste recycling and upcycling business model, with a focus on reducing the environmental impact of food waste.

Office R&D

Series A

Coworking is evolving.  Office R&D is a leading coworking space management platform.

Seed or Series A

If you're a founder with a well-thought-out plan to launch and grow a successful business, we want to hear from you.