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Early Capital Group partners have invested and advised promising early-stage companies with passionate and tenacious founders. From software to agritech,  we have been directly involved in exciting stories across a variety of industries to build a better tomorrow.


Versus Game

Series A Round

Leading prediction gaming platform that allows users to compete in a head-to-head social knowledge and predictions related to celebrities, pop culture, food, business and more.

Series A

The coworking movement is happening. is the world's largest and most trusted database of spaces.


Seed Round

Black soldier fly farming to address the coming "protein crunch" while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Seed Round

Redefining dinner entertainment, I AM is a global pioneer for immersive dining performances and creative concepts.


Seed Round

Redefining the waste recycling and upcycling business model, with a focus on reducing the environmental impact of food waste.

Office R&D

Series A

Coworking is evolving.  Office R&D is a leading coworking space management platform.

Seed to Series B

If you're a founder with a well-thought-out plan to launch and grow a successful business, we want to hear from you.

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